Showcase Carpet has a wide variety of modern, traditional, contemporary and Persian design collection of area rugs with different qualities that would definitely beautify your homes!
Our area rugs are made from the finest materials and designs. We offer rugs made from wool, synthetic, silk, cowhide, bamboo rayan, sheepskin and many others. Clients can choose from a wide selection of geometric, floral, oriental, solid, abstract as well as animal print designs. These designs are made in different techniques like machine woven, tufted, flatwooven, shaggy and hand woven.
Size: 60cm x 110cm
Size: 80cm x 150cm
Size: 120cm x 160cm
Size: 140cm x 190cm
Size: 160cm x 230cm


We Also have:

  • Round and square shape
  • Made to order sizes

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