Showcase Carpet started in 1985 with a store in Makati selling quality hand-woven carpet brought straight from different district in Iran, India, Turkey, and Pakistan. Through the years, Showcase Carpet has evolved to cater to modern and customized carpet requirements of homes, offices, hotels and respected establishments.


Now, Showcase Carpet is present in more than 35 malls and depots nationwide and carries other home furnishing needs such as wallpaper, roller blinds and furniture! Showcase is definitely your one-stop destination to jazz up your space!


Showcase Carpet employs a work force composed of highly competent and motivated people totally committed to Customer Satisfaction.

Our Sales Staff are well trained to handle all inquiries and provide the information needed by the customer to make the right choice and decision based on his personal taste without compromising the product’s correct application and performance in a given set of conditions and situations.

Our Office Staff is composed of reliable and dependable personnel always ready to assist our customers, coordinate sales, and process proper documentations.

Our Service Team is made up of highly skilled and experienced people always up to the task of completing the job without sacrificing workmanship and quality.

Our TEAM over the years has been working with dealers, architects, designers, and end-users serving thousands and thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.