Showcase Carpet

Carpet + Wallpaper +
Roller Blinds + Interiors


Cover your floor with
comfort and luxury!


Cover your walls with modern Elegance!

Window Blinds

Roller blinds is a modern solution to cover your windows!


Showcase Carpet has a modern collection of dining wood tables and chairs that will beautify your home!

Area Rugs

An accent piece that creates both comfort and aesthetic display of your space!

Carpet Tiles

A tile that comes in carpet form for commercial and residential use!


Carpet rolls that covers
from wall to wall!


Showcase Carpet provides stylish, affordable and customizable carpets, wallpapers, roller blinds and furniture suited for homes, office, establishments and hotels. Showcase Carpet guarantees consistency and quality through every step, from yarn and material sourcing to preparing the finished products and all types of installation services. Owning the entire process also enables us to offer flexible, creative and customized solutions to our clients. Our 35 years of experience, guarantees excellent products and services.

We offer the following excellent products: Area Rugs, Carpet tiles, Carpet rolls, Turf Grass, Outdoor Mats, Wallpaper, All kinds of Roller Blinds, and Home & Office furnishings.


We Continuously accommodate dealers that endorses exclusive discounts and special offers


We do custom made carpet and wallpapers for various type of projects


We are the leading manufacturer and importer of carpets and wallpapers in the country